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Why Businesses Need PR Loyalty Solutions? 

To enhance customer loyalty (and the customer experience) and, by doing so, influence customer behavior in a way that maximizes business profitability.

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Why Get Reward Program and Customer Loyalty Advice from PR Loyalty Solutions?

We are experts in customer loyalty.  We know how reward programs work, how they need to work, and how they should (and should not) be designed.  Want to know how to make your loyalty program work better?  Talk to us.

We are also experts in the local market.  PR Loyalty Solutions is local to BC and knowledgeable of the local Lower Mainland, Victoria and BC markets and economy.  We can help reward programs everywhere, but local is our specialization.  Want to design an effective, profitable reward program that fits your region or local community?  We can help.

PR Loyalty Solutions is independent and objective (i.e., we’re not representing a particular company’s reward program IT system and trying to sell you, the client, on it).  Want honest, unbiased advice?  Then contact PR Loyalty Solutions.

We specialize in the concept and design of coalition, multiple business and community reward programs.  We help businesses make their loyalty programs unique and effective.  Want to create the best coalition or community reward program possible?  Then get advice from customer loyalty experts specializing in community programs.

We have community economic development (CED) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) expertise, which is of benefit to clients valuing this and/or wanting their reward program to have a CSR component.  We can provide connections to people, organizations and concepts in the areas of CED and CSR, and we can help businesses avoid ending up with just a “green-washed” end product.

Client Benefits:

  1. A better end product (as the advice is based on knowledge relevant to the local market, as opposed to advice based solely on the North American market as a whole).
  2. A better customer experience for businesses due to the easy and affordable access to us, their advisers.  (This also leads to a superior end product, as the more effective the communication between the client and the consultant, the better).
  3. A reward program end product that creates happy, loyal and profitable customers.

Why is PR Loyalty Solutions in Business?

To enable good businesses to succeed; make a difference in community; enhance people’s “customer experience”; motivate and reward positive behavior; and help small, local, independent and good businesses of all kinds compete and become more profitable.  In short, we want to make businesses successful and their customers happy.

Our Mission: 

“To create reward programs that are profitable to businesses, valuable to consumers, and beneficial to the community.”


What are Peter Roundhill’s Qualifications & Expertise?

Peter Roundhill, PR Loyalty Solutions’ principal consultant, has a degree in Economics and Political Science, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Entrepreneurship.  His Masters’ thesis was on the topic of Customer Loyalty, Reward Programs, and Community Loyalty Program Design.  All his studies and research have been based on the Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria business communities, so he is a specialist in this region.

Peter also has a certificate in Community Economic Development, has worked extensively with social enterprises on business planning (especially through his work with Vancity Credit Union and Enterprising Non-Profits), provided advice on reward program design to Vancity Credit Union and Green Zebra, and managed the pre-paid Visa credit card program for Vancity Credit Union and Citizens Bank across Canada.

In short, Peter has an extensive work and educational background in the areas of customer loyalty, reward programs and business planning.  Click here to learn more about Peter Roundhill.

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