Wallaby Card – Doing the Payment Thinking for You

An All-In-One Card Payment System

Wallaby Financial in the US has come out with a card that you can put all your credit cards on.  When you make a payment, based on preferences that you give the program, the card will automatically choose which of your credit card accounts to use.  Based on your preferences, the Wallaby Card claims to be able to choose the best payment card for the situation – so you don’t have to carry around multiple credit cards in your wallet and you don’t have to think which card will give you the best reward point deal in every situation.  The card is presently only available in the United States and comes with a $50 annual fee.

It’s an interesting concept.  Somehow they say the Wallaby Card knows which gas stations are giving bonus points on which credit cards each month, and which restaurants are giving extra reward miles and when.

We look forward to hearing how the program takes off.  It will be interesting to see how many people are willing to give up that kind of purchasing-decision control, how accurately the card can make the best purchasing decisions for each customer, and how the program will be able to keep track of what every different credit card and retailer is offering.

For more details on the program, check out http://www.walla.by/

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