Customer Loyalty & Reward Program Consulting Services

PR Loyalty Solutions offers customer loyalty and reward program consulting services for businesses seeking loyal fans and enhanced profitability.  We help businesses design reward programs that customers value, create loyalty, and positively influence consumer behavior.

PR Loyalty Solutions offers the following services:

  1. Reward Program Audit/Evaluation (A service for businesses with existing reward programs).
  2. Reward Program Design (A service for businesses developing new programs that to create loyalty and influence customer behavior).
  3. Pre-Feasibility Study/Initial Assessment (A service for businesses wanting an initial assessment of the feasibility of launching a customer loyalty program or making significant changes to an existing program).
  4. Feasibility Study (A full feasibility analysis for a new reward program or new loyalty program feature implementation).
  5. Program Feature Analysis (Why do you want (or have) a reward program?  What can reward programs do?  What do you want your loyalty program to achieve?  What program features will help your program do what you want it to do?)
  6. Policy and Procedure Development (What policies need to be in place to ensure a positive and profitable customer experience?)
  7. Business and Strategic Planning (A reward program should never be a stand alone marketing initiative – to be effective it needs to be an integral part of the organization’s overall strategy).

The challenge for businesses is to create a reward program that is unique and valuable.

No business should ever want “just another reward program.”


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