Our Values & CSR Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about our communities and take corporate social responsibility seriously.  We’re not perfect; we’ll never claim to be (and no we’re not fanatical), but we do our part because we believe it’s the right thing to do.  Whether it’s recycling everything we can and using 100% recycled paper, or volunteering our time and expertise in the community, we do our share.  We believe that business is about profits, but that there is a business financial (and moral) case about going above and beyond.

Here’s how:

Community Involvement

PR Loyalty Solutions is involved in the community in a number of ways.  It’s a member of LocoBC, an organization that “supports a vibrant local economy through local purchasing, business connections and sustainability.”  Peter Roundhill is also a member of the Rotary Club of Lions Gate,  NetImpact,  two Metro Vancouver Toastmasters Clubs, and a variety of other non-profit and community organizations.

CSR Work & Educational Background

Peter Roundhill has a solid (and sincere) background in corporate social responsibility and community involvement.  He has been the Executive Director of a non-profit community camp and retreat center, and worked on sustainability projects for Vancity Credit Union and the Vancity Community Foundation (including consulting work advising Vancity (a leader in its field) in the area of socially responsible procurement practices).  In addition to all this (and his MBA in entrepreneurship), Peter has a certificate in Community Economic Development from Simon Fraser University.

During his time at Enterprising Non-Profits, Peter was a lead researcher and contributor to Canada’s internationally-referenced Social Enterprise Purchasing Toolkit, an online tool for businesses wanting to leverage the social impact of their purchasing practices.

Living Green

The staff at PR Loyalty Solutions are not fanatical environmentalists (e.g., we aren’t vegan and we do drive), but we do care about the environment.  We use 100% post-consumer recycled paper as much as possible, and we are firm believers in re-using, recycling and reducing.  We do drive, but we also use public transit, bicycle and walk a whole lot too.  We also believe in conserving energy, using green sources of energy where practical, and keeping our carbon footprints as low as we can.  We don’t confine ourselves to working solely with “green” or just socially responsible businesses, but they are typically the most fun and rewarding groups to work with.  We believe there is a solid business case for being green, and we think it’s the right thing to do.  Are we green business consultants?  No – but we believe in sustainability for ourselves and we like the color green!

PR Loyalty Solutions is proud to use green natural gas and green (wind powered) electricity through Bullfrog Power.


PR Loyalty Solutions is also proud to support Cowpower, a BC-based non-profit that helps turn manure and food waste into clean renewable electricity.


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