What are Community Reward Programs?

A community reward program involves  businesses in a specific neighborhood (or region or sector) pooling their resources together to promote themselves and reward their  customers, kind of like Canada’s Air Miles program but on a smaller scale and with more local or community benefits. …  Click here for more on “What Community Reward Programs Are”, “What They Can Do”,  “The Value of Community Programs”, and “Why Community Programs Now”.  …

Corporate Social Responsibility and Our Communities

Whether our community is our immediate neighborhood, our city, province, country, or even the world as a whole, we care about our community and take corporate social responsibility seriously.  Whether it’s recycling everything we can and using 100% recycled paper, or volunteering our time and expertise in the community, we do our share. …  Click here for more.


What is a Community?

Communities can be small …

They can be medium-sized …

And they can be very large (or smaller communities within a large one) …

They can be the whole world even.  It’s where you live and the people (and nature and everything) that live there too.

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