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Bullfrog Power Ethical Deal – A Coupon Offer that Makes Sense

Ethical Deal is offering a limited time offer of 67% off $45 worth of Bullfrog Power.  

Here’s a coupon deal that makes a lot of sense:

Based in Vancouver, Ethical Deal is an online coupon company, kind of like GROUPON, only it offers coupons just from businesses that care for the environment, respect animals’ rights, benefit the community or promote wellness.

Bullfrog Power is Canada’s 100% green energy provider, offering homes and businesses clean, renewable energy solutions. Continue reading

Entertainment Coupon Books For Just $5! What’s the Deal?

Great Deal for Consumers, but maybe not for Charities (or Participating Businesses)

by Peter Roundhill
© PR Loyalty Solutions, 2012

Entertainment Coupon Books went on sale this month for just $5 each, including shipping!  What a bargain!  True, you only have five more months to use the coupons (which expire November 1), but given that there are thousands of dollars worth of discounts, it’s an amazing deal. The books cost way more than that just to print!  It’s a great value for consumers, but what about for the charities that sell the books and the businesses that offer these coupons? Continue reading

Coupons and Discounting

Coupons and direct discounting are not always effective tools for enhancing customer loyalty and improving profits.

There is a lot written about coupons and discounting in academic literature, and most experts agree that tactics like these don’t generally enhance customer loyalty.  Here’s what some loyalty experts have had to say: Continue reading