PR Loyalty Interviewed on Global News Regarding End of Safeway’s Club Card

Peter Roundhill on Global News

Peter Roundhill interviewed on Global NewsOn April 4, 2014, PR Loyalty Solution’s Peter Roundhill was interviewed as an industry expert for the 6 pm Global evening news with their segment on Safeway Canada’s decision to drop its Club Card loyalty program.

Click the video below to see the full news feature.  (Note: as it is from Global News, there will be a short introductory advertisement).

Top in Class Card Changes Benefits

“MBNA’s Smart Cash World rewards program is changing. …”

Up until now, MBNA’s Smart Cash World MasterCard has been one of the most valuable no fee credit cards in Canada.  With no annual fee, the card offers members 1% back on all purchases, and 3% (i.e., 2% extra) on all gas and grocery purchases (on the first $600 spend on those categories combined per month).  What’s more, they even had a special introductory offer where new cardholders received 5% back on their first $600 of gas and grocery purchases per month for the first 6 months of the cards life.  That was all extremely generous from a card with no annual fee, and an especially generous kick-back for groceries.  5% back on $600 meant up to $30 per month!  But it looks like that has all now changed. … Continue reading

Bullfrog Power Ethical Deal – A Coupon Offer that Makes Sense

Ethical Deal is offering a limited time offer of 67% off $45 worth of Bullfrog Power.  

Here’s a coupon deal that makes a lot of sense:

Based in Vancouver, Ethical Deal is an online coupon company, kind of like GROUPON, only it offers coupons just from businesses that care for the environment, respect animals’ rights, benefit the community or promote wellness.

Bullfrog Power is Canada’s 100% green energy provider, offering homes and businesses clean, renewable energy solutions. Continue reading

Artspoints Celebrates 100th Partner

Congratulations Artspoints Rewards!

Artspoints Rewards announced its 100th arts partner – Toronto’s Canadian Stage.  This puts Artspoints at the halfway mark to their goal of 200 arts partners by the fall.  It’s impressive what they’ve accomplished to date, and what they appear on track to accomplish over the next number of months.  We look forward to seeing how the program grows and develops.

Based in Vancouver, Artspoints is a national reward program that allows members to collect and redeem points for valuable arts, cultural and entertainment rewards.  It’s a great new loyalty program that rewards members, but does so by supporting the arts.


Customer Experience Key to Building Loyalty

Loyalty Initiatives Without Points

July (Friday the) 13th, 2012
by Peter Roundhill

Reward programs can enhance customer loyalty, but they aren’t a replacement for exceptional products and service.  In fact, some of the most effective customer loyalty initiatives don’t involve points at all – they involve surpassing customer expectations and, sometimes, unexpected rewards.  The following is an example: Continue reading

Wallaby Card – Doing the Payment Thinking for You

An All-In-One Card Payment System

Wallaby Financial in the US has come out with a card that you can put all your credit cards on.  When you make a payment, based on preferences that you give the program, the card will automatically choose which of your credit card accounts to use.  Based on your preferences, the Wallaby Card claims to be able to choose the best payment card for the situation – so you don’t have to carry around multiple credit cards in your wallet and you don’t have to think which card will give you the best reward point deal in every situation.  Continue reading

Entertainment Coupon Books For Just $5! What’s the Deal?

Great Deal for Consumers, but maybe not for Charities (or Participating Businesses)

by Peter Roundhill
© PR Loyalty Solutions, 2012

Entertainment Coupon Books went on sale this month for just $5 each, including shipping!  What a bargain!  True, you only have five more months to use the coupons (which expire November 1), but given that there are thousands of dollars worth of discounts, it’s an amazing deal. The books cost way more than that just to print!  It’s a great value for consumers, but what about for the charities that sell the books and the businesses that offer these coupons? Continue reading

Attitudinal vs Behavioral Loyalty

What is a loyal customer?  What kinds of loyalty are there?  Are there different degrees of loyalty? 

These are all great questions, and of critical importance to businesses that rely on repeat sales from returning customers.  A loyal customer is someone who tends to shop consistently at a certain place or for a particular brand, as well as someone who speaks positively to others about the brand.

Attitudinal vs. Behavioral Loyalty

A person who shops at the same place regularly is “behaviorally” loyal, while a person who tells others how great a product is, or simply feels really positive about the brand him or herself internally, is “attitudinally” loyal.  Continue reading

Academic Bibliographical References

PR Loyalty Solutions Resources

Between 2005 to 2007 we did extensive academic research on the topic of customer loyalty and reward programs.  Click here to see some of our bibliographical reference resources.  We hope you find them useful.

Academic Observations about Loyalty

There is a lot of debate about loyalty programs – what can the experts agree on?

Despite all the many differences of opinion among academics, there are a number of observations regarding customer loyalty and reward programs that few experts (both critics and proponents) would deny.  PR Loyalty Solutions has created a list of major assumptions and Continue reading