Comments on Peter Roundhill’s Work

Past Notes of Recommendation for Peter Roundhill

Vancity Community Foundation (VCF)

“While at Vancity Community Foundation (2007-2011) Peter took on two consulting projects for Vancity Credit Union, involving strategies to increase social impact through procurement and credit card reward programs. …  Prior to his joining VCF, I first met Peter when he was working for Vancity Credit Union in its Visa department where he was part of a team responsible for the design, sales and operations of the credit union’s pre-paid Visa program.  In that position, Peter played a significant role in the creation of Vancity’s reloadable Visa program, the first reloadable Visa credit card product in Canada. …  I would not hesitate to recommend Peter for a future position and we wish him great success in his entrepreneurial endeavours.” (2011)

Derek Gent
Executive Director, Vancity Community Foundation (and former employer)

From Enterprising Non-Profits:

Enterprising Non-Profits (enp) distributes about $350,000 in grants every year in BC for social enterprise business planning projects.  Most of those projects employ consultants to help non-profits do the planning, and enp often recommends consultants to do the work.  It can be a challenge finding consultants with the right balance of social enterprise and business planning skills to do the job sometimes, and Peter has a strong background in both these areas.  Give his work experience and educational background, I would not hesitate to recommend Peter as a consultant.  I would also highly recommend him as an employee”. (2011)

David LePage
(enp Program Manager and member of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada)

Britannica Japan, Inc.

“Peter was able to take a strategically important facility characterized by distrust of management, low morale and internal staff conflict, and turn it around completely. …  His insights into where training or the creation of company systems was needed were clearly thought out and well presented. …  Peter’s input factored largely in the restructuring of the company’s management systems, policies, and operating procedures over the past year.” (2001)

Jason Evans
Facility Operations Director, Britannica Japan Inc.

George Pringle Memorial Camp Society

“As a retired Assistant Deputy Minister with the B.C. and Manitoba Governments and a small business owner, I am extremely impressed with Peter’s management expertise, judgement and execution.  He has excellent skills as a leader of staff, has outstanding communication abilities, both written and oral, with staff, clientele and the public, and has strong evaluation capabilities. …  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with a true professional such as Peter and I would give him the very highest recommendation.” (2005)

Tom Pringle
(Board Chair, George Pringle Memorial Camp Society – and former employer)