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Our Mission: 

“To create reward programs that are profitable to businesses, valuable to consumers, and beneficial to the community.”




About PR Loyalty Solutions

PR Loyalty Solutions is a BC-based consulting firm that provides customer loyalty marketing and reward program solutions for businesses.  Specializing in multi-business and community reward programs, PR Loyalty Solutions helps businesses connect with their communities through effective customer loyalty strategy and design.

Because nobody wants just another reward programPR Loyalty Solutions helps businesses determine the feasibility and potential economic returns of reward programs, what loyalty program features to adopt, and how to make reward programs unique, so they aren’t “just another reward program” no different from any other.

PR Loyalty Solutions works with both local and national businesses, especially ones with (or wanting) a community-supporting image or brand.  Clients can include businesses wanting to improve their existing reward programs, non-profit organizations, social enterprises and cooperatives, business and community associations, businesses with multiple services and consumer touch points, and businesses wanting to partner with other local, community-based businesses.

PR Loyalty Solutions is in the business of creating loyal fans for businesses, rewarding community-benefiting (and profitable) behaviors, and strengthening community-minded and socially responsible businesses.

Are we a PR company?

Yes and no.  We are not a traditional PR company in that we don’t specialize in media relations, and we don’t offer advice on how your company can get free exposure in the newspaper (or at least that’s not our focus).  We are Public Relations experts, however, in the fact that we are all about communication between businesses, their customers and their communities.

Why we are in Business

We are in business because we are passionate about reward program marketing and the opportunity to bring community and businesses together.  We want to create profitable, happy and loyal customers; we want to connect good businesses with good customers; and we want to strengthen community businesses through customer loyalty.  PR Loyalty Solutions is about enabling good businesses to succeed, making a difference in community, enhancing people’s “customer experience,” motivating and rewarding positive behavior, and helping small, local and independent businesses compete and become more profitable.


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